Joint internship with Sounders Music

I'm excited to announce this internship opportunity with Sounder Music in the Netherlands. This internship in data analytics for music will be (remotely) co-supervised by myself (Prof. Dorien Herremans) and the founder of Sounders Music (Willem Bloem). Send Willem a message if you are interested with subject [Sounders internship] to willem [period] bloem [aat] Ideally we can come to a research publication at the end of the project.

Who is Sounders Music
Willem Bloem started Sounders Music in 2018 because the current industry seems to focus only on successful stars, which makes it rather difficult for young talents to break through given their limited resources, financial means, and knowledge. This is why we believe there is a strong need for insights and guidance in the creation process (as well as distribution, recording, promotion, etc.), combining your talent and our research to achieve success. In order to do so, we have developed software to test new and existing tracks of artists which allows us to measure the potential of tracks for different target audiences. Sounders Music is an innovative, independent company in the entertainment industry that provides unique data insights together with objective research for emerging talent. These insights and facts ensure stars' breakthroughs as we guide them along their way to success.

We believe in creating the new market standard to discover new potential hits and successfully guide talent. Our technology includes sophisticated algorithms, data providing, possibility analysis, apps, and upload-portals to make predictions about the success of content.

Job description
To kick-start the career of talents, NoticeSound has created their own platform Sounders Music, where artists can submit and research their tracks to gain insights. Our music research process is completely automated based on real listeners and we are ready for insane growth. We have a significant number of artists who are asking us to build new features, which is why we are looking for an experienced full stack developer. You will work closely with the head of development and think about ways to give artists the boost they need.

Your responsibilities

  • Work closely with the team in order to build features at a large scale for upcoming artists
  • Design, build and maintain API, services and system across the Sounders Music platform
  • Analyse & solve complex database structures across the stack
  • Take the initiative in the team to reveal new features that we did not know were possible with the technologies that are being offered


  • Relevant bachelor’s degree (computer science, data science, AI, etc) and it is desirable to have previous working experience at a development job
  • You understand Ruby, HTML, CSS and React-Native
  • Together with the team, think about ways how we can improve the current Sounders Music platform
  • Solid English communication skills, both written and verbal

About the internship

  • Competitive internship fee based on experience and your hours
  • Working from home is cool as long as you are willing to travel once in a while and want to videocall in our time-zone GMT +2
  • You will be contributing to a music software globally that can provide upcoming talents insights and the right contacts they need to become a high-potential
  • You will be part of small dedicated and ambitious team
  • We are based in a modern office on the 26th floor, 100 meters away from Rotterdam Central Station
  • We have cool and exciting music & data features which you did not even know it was possible